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 Intussusception is a condition where one part of the intestine enters the lumen of the subsequent part of the intestine. This generally happens following the presence of a lead point like inflamed mesenteric lymph-node. The child complains of pain in the abdomen, vomiting mucus-like, or blood in the stool. The diagnosis is performed by performing ultrasonography. If there is the intussusception of the small bowel into subsequent small bowel it can be given a trial of conservative management. However, if small bowel enters the large bowel or large bowel enters subsequent large bowel a surgical procedure is required.

If the patient presents early then a Hydrostatic reduction of Intussusception can be performed where Saline is pushed to the anal opening and continuous monitoring is done under USG guidance whether the entered bowel has been completely pushed out. In a few cases where the patient presents late or there is free fluid in the abdominal cavity or due to excessive edema over the bowel, it is not possible to reduce the intussusception hydrostatically. Under such circumstances, an open or laparoscopic procedure is performed to reduce the intussusception. A note should be made that there are chances of recurrence of the intussusception following hydrostatic reduction as well as surgical reduction. In case of recurrence, it is best left upon the surgeon whether a hydrostatic reduction or a surgical procedure is required to reduce it again.

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