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INJURY – Small trauma and injury while playing may cause deep cuts in children. Some of the cuts require suturing. Suturing with fine material and giving a minimal scar is very important to prevent an ugly lifelong scar in children. Dr. Bhavesh Doshi, a Pediatric surgeon in Mumbai performs micro suturing of wounds painlessly under local anesthesia.

BURNS: Burns in children are common due to the spillage of hot liquids. As the tissues in children are very delicate, extreme caution has to be taken. Treatment of burns on the skin is by collagen dressing.

In this, a thin film sticks to the wound and falls off spontaneously as the wound heals. This prevents pain, trauma, and daily dressings for the child. Also, Burns in children require more emphasis on the control of sepsis, better nutrition, wound care, and electrolyte management. Blunt trauma following a fall while playing is very common in children. Proper evaluation and prompt aggressive management should be performed and remains the key to the best outcome.

Dr. Bhavesh Doshi is a General, Laparoscopic, and Pediatric surgeon in Mumbai, and he experienced a doctor in Pediatric Trauma, Injuries & Burns. For more details book an appointment or call: 9820565205

why collagen wound dressings are best for management of burns in children

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