• November 1, 2023
  • Dr. Bhavesh Doshi
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Malrotation of GUT

Malrotation of gut

Case No. 21: Malrotation of GUT

  • Neonatal surgical condition, often an emergency as mostly associated with volvulus of gut.
  • Acute midgut volvulus: emergency where the Volvulus if not corrected leads to ischemia and necrosis of the bowel.
  • Chronic midgut volvulus: This may present later in life. Often presents with chronic vomiting, intermittent colicky abdominal pain, malnutrition, etc.
  • USG: Whirlpool flow pattern of the superior mesenteric artery and vein.
  • Treatment is surgical: Ladd procedure includes: counterclockwise derotation of volvulus, lysis of Ladd peritoneal bands with straightening of the duodenum, appendectomy, placement of caecum in left iliac fossa.